Avant-Garde Corporation Limited

Ever since the establishment of Avant-Garde Corporation Limited in 2003, we have tackled numerous production management projects, and closed hundreds of trading and consulting deals internationally. One of our clear advantages is being headquartered in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the premier international financial hub in Asia, and a multicultural city also known as the gateway in to China. With our extensive knowledge of both East and West, we are able to bridge the gap between the very different cultures, create synergy, and facilitate efficient and profitable deals.

Over the years, we have served many Fortune 500 Companies and State Owned Enterprises from various countries around the world. We offer a wide array of services including but not limited to Foreign Direct Investment Consulting, Product/Venture Sourcing, Production Management, Import & Export, Distribution, and Investment Holdings.

Currently Avant-Garde imports vast quantities of brand name food and consumer products from Europe and United States then redistributes them in Hong Kong, China, Japan and other Southeast Asian countries. Investments in subsidiaries dealing in Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, and Infant Products, play a key role in the success of Avant-Garde by creating synergy in human resources, reduction in overhead redundancy, and improved time to market by utilizing overlapping sales networks, forming a dynamic streamlined corporation, the ideal business partner in Asia.